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The Neiman Marcus Glow Up

I recently visited the new Neiman Marcus store at Roosevelt Field mall and absolutely loved the lighting scheme at this store!

The mix finish selections and lighting complement each other in a dynamic way. The design of this store has a high light intensity with a mix of cool and warm lighting, which impacted how the finishes looked in a positive way.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the store was how the lighting made the polished floor look. The down lighting really exemplified the sparkle in the floor and “clean” look it gave off. Recessed downlights were also installed in the interior ceiling and follow throughout the store. The placement of the recessed downlights on the ceiling guide you vertically through the store, creating depth.

Also found in the store are planes of light. These are used in certain sections of the store, such as the makeup stations, to define the space and to add lighting along the floor.

Direct accent lighting is also found in this space. This lighting is used to display some of the merchandise which I think is a smart way to draw the customer’s attention onto the items being sold.

Moving toward the back of the store I noticed the cove lighting that was present along the ceiling. Again, this lighting decision adds an extra element of design and creates a path for the customer to follow.

Lastly, I noticed from the escalator the accent lighting that was mounted on the wall to illuminate the items in the display cases below. I think this is a great was to illuminate a product without the lighting directly being noticed.

Overall, I give this lighting plan and store design a 10/10. The lighting fixtures chosen all have a purpose and their purposes were effective in creating a crisp, functional, high-scale retail store.


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