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Bye Bye Resolutions, Hello Intention Setting

Happy 2022!

With the beginning of a new year comes new hopes, dreams, and resolutions. But, what if I told you there was a gentler way you could approach your goal setting this year?

Let's talk about resolutions vs. intentions.

A resolution is a statement of change focused on a specific aspect of yourself or your life that you are currently unhappy with. Typically, they are strictly defined goals with little flexibility that in return generate negative thoughts about where you currently are.

An intention focuses your attention and energy on your attitude towards being and doing. Intentions are adaptable and fuel an abundance mindset.

The difference between a resolution and an intention may just seem like a difference in semantics but, the value behind your intentions run deeper than may be comprehensible at first.

When setting resolutions you are narrowing your value of success to a small and specific goal- such as losing 30 pounds, landing your dream job, or saving 10k this year. This thinking focuses on an endpoint along your journey rather than who you wish to be along the journey itself. This type of thinking can get stressful!

The journey is where you can learn the most about yourself and what your heart truly desires. Due to the "it's either this or that" nature of resolutions, anxiety can creep into our lives, based on the fear of failure. Being strict with your goals isn't always totally necessary in order to feel successful and it definitely isn't necessary in order to find fulfillment in your life!

Rather than focusing on a point in time where you currently are not- the future, intention setting allows you to stay mindful of the present moment you are in, the small wins along the way, and apply that success to multiple areas of your life.

So, this year, what if we switched our mindset from the strict expectations we place on ourselves to a more compassionate approach of addressing that voice in our head that tells us there is a need for change?

In some cases, a resolution-based approach may be exactly what you need in order to reach your dreams and accomplish your goals. But, your intention will always be the root of why you are doing so, in any case, it could be a good place to explore.



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