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Your Room Tells A Story: How to represent the deeper purpose of fall in your bedroom this season.

The days are shorter, the weather a little crisper and the colors a little warmer. Fall has made its way back into our lives for another visit and what better way to greet it than with a bedroom makeover!

This time of year, we are reminded that change truly is the only constant. With the warm sun moving farther away from us, and the green leaves quickly changing from magnificent shades of gold to lifeless crumbles of brown, this is a time to wrap ourselves up in comfort while reflecting on our inner selves.

The thought of cozying up into a warm blanket with a cup of tea sounds oh so amazing! Yet on the other hand, and especially with how much time is being spent these days inside of the home, it's important that your space is still an invigorating place to be!

Each room has the potential to share a story of its own. Whether you are conscious of this thought or not, what your space looks like shares a message and is a looking glass into who you are. The design of a space is an invisible voice that speaks wonders. In return, this has an effect on how we feel and interact with the space.

So, how do we do create a sense of purpose with our spaces this fall? A great place to start is by taking into consideration the symbolic messages this new season brings to us. The three that come to my mind are: comfort, protection and change. By thoughtfully layering these concepts into your space you can create a safe haven for yourself to relax and grow in.

Let's backtrack.

thoughtfully layering?

What the heck is that?

When you take out all of the "fluff" aka the accessories in a space you are left with a blank canvas. From this point, you have the opportunity to build your palette. In other words, you begin to tell your story. Adding in layers of elements that build upon one another you begin to make one dynamic and cohesive space.

Here's are some tips on how to visually represent the three concepts of fall into your space this season:

1. Soft Textures - in your pillows, blankets and even scarves! This adds both visual and tactile excitement while also tapping into what makes us feel safe

2. Colorful Tones- fall contains some of the richest and warmest colors of the year so why not include this soothing eye candy into your space!

2. Greenery- plants such as eucalyptus contain tannins which raise healthy fluids in the body's air passages lowering congestion and warding off colds. Adding in these plants can help with the effects the changing seasons can have on our body, while also giving off a relaxing aroma refreshing the mind.

3. Books- fall is the time of year where we are reminded to seek comfort in the beauty of letting go. Incorporating interactive materials, such as books, into your space that inspires your mind to think about subjects such as personal change, abundance and prosperity will create a space that is not only pleasant to be in but promotes internal growth.

Check out below how I incorporated these elements into my bedroom this fall !


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