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New York City Adventure

Mirrors, Ice Cream & Champagne

Hey guys! I'm a little delayed on the "update" train here but here are some things that have been happening in my life in the past couple of weeks:

1. I finished my bedroom re-do (which I will be posting after I get a few things in place)

2. I had to say goodbye to a bunch of my closest friends as they transfer off to their new colleges

3. I started school at The Fashion Institute of Technology​

So, I haven't had a super eventful past month but, FIT has been a huge change in my life! As some of you reading this may know, figuring out which school I would transfer to after I graduated from my community college was a total headache for me! Finding the best fit school when you're an art major is such a difficult decision because there are SO may different things you have to think about such as: Will they have my major? Will it be a program that will teach me the specific side of my major that I want to learn? And, will it be somewhere I can feel inspired? Well, I juggled between about three schools- considering there aren't many schools near me that have Interior Design as a major, and I wasn't looking to move away from home.

I had visited FIT my senior year of high school and wasn't really sold on the whole "city girl" life and wasn't impressed by the school itself (it looked kind of like a stone cold jail to me). But, I decided to give it one more shot as my options were growing slimmer.

Well, as you could have guessed by now, FIT became my new school! I was super nervous to start a new chapter in my life especially because I never took the train alone and wouldn't know anyone because I was coming into the program as a second semester student and everyone had made their friends already.

At 7:32 a.m. on August 28, 2017 I hopped on the LIRR and began my journey to my first class as a FIT student. I wasn't afraid of anyone not being friendly but I definitely wasn't expecting everyone to be EXTREMELY welcoming! During my first studio class these two girls, Aliyah and Miranda swooped on over next to me and decided I looked lonely and felt like they should talk to me. So nice, right! They have now become my go to's.

Miranda and I quickly learned how much of twins we were and decided that over the weekend we would explore the city because we both never really did that! So, this Sunday, September 10th, we headed off on our NYC adventure!

I found this SUPER cute coffee shop/ bookstore on Instagram and we both agreed that it had to be our first stop. The store is called Toby's Estate Coffee and I would highly recommend anyone in the city to stop in. I'll make a list of all the addressed we went at the end, incase you're interested (; . You are greeted by the most gorgeous doors that open up to a charming little coffee shop. When you walk in you can see through to the back which is their bookstore that includes a marble fireplace with a large victorian mirror over it which is accompanied by a large wall of books, and of course there is a rolling ladder, I'm already dying! The bookstore opened up to the clothing store next door which, unfortunately would have broke my bank.

With that in mind we found our selves both

gravitating toward the Kate Spade store and had to go in. Even though we didn't buy anything we ended up spending most of our time admiring the dressing room wallpaper and taking selfies in the dressing room mirror!

After we were done snapping some shots of the gorgeous interior we were on a hunt to find a smoothie since both of us needed a little refresher and then commenced to the Magnum Ice Cream and Dipping Bar! GUYS... if you are an ice cream lover or even if you don't like ice cream, you  NEED to check this place out. It's kind of like a "create your own ice cream" bar! First, you choose the flavor ice cream you want inside then, you pick the type of chocolate wrapping you want and after that you move on to choose 3 toppings + the type of chocolate drizzle you want. And once it's done it looks like a piece of art! It will be the best $8 you ever spend and you might even feel guilty eating it (Miranda and I spent a whole 10 minutes taking pictures and admiring ours before we even bit into them).

After our ice cream we decided it would be best to walk off the calories a bit and stumbled upon a Fashion Week party! With the way our day was going it was no surprise that Miranda and I snuck our way in, got our selves some free champagne and enjoyed our 10 minutes of fame before we decided we should probably leave lol.  By now our feet were hurting from our brilliant idea to wear heels, and I had to catch a decently early train home so we headed back and decided to call it a day.

After our Sunday stroll through the city today we have a bunch of places added to the bucket list and you guys can definitely expect to hear about them soon! If today was a glimpse into what this year at FIT is going to look like then I am more than excited! I never thought I would say it but I am slowly turning into a city lover.

Until Next Time!



First 3 ✔️'s Off The Bucket List:

1. Toby's Estate Coffee:   160 5th Ave

2. Argo Tea Cafe:   1792 Broadway

3. Magnum Ice Cream Bar:   875 Washington St.


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