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AUGUST 13TH, 2018

It's been quite some time since I initiated my "bedroom redo"... about a year when I really think about it! I can sometimes have the tendency to push things off a little bit, saying "I'll get to it eventually", especially when I want something to be perfect and it just isn't working out. Well, that's exactly what happened with my bedroom! I wanted to create a space for myself that reflected my true style, personality and spirit so rushing things along was just NOT going to work

. With some encouragement from my mom, and the realization that another summer is almost passing me by, I finally took the next two steps in my bedroom makeover.


With my parents vacationing in Tennessee this past week, I took that as the opportunity to get a few things done as well as doing something that I could surprise them with. I finally sat down and put the finishing touches on my blank slate of a headboard (which my dad and I had upholstered together last summer) and set up the placement for some pictures above my bed. 

Originally, my plan was to purchase a triad of moon phases to hang above my bed but as that became difficult to find, I realized I should do something more personal. The moon has always been magical and awe-striking to me so I knew I wanted that to be apart of my room some how. I began to search for prints that displayed something significant to my beliefs, wonders and likes and found the 5 that I did. I also decided to include 2 prints of my own photography: the ocean at Long Beach and a picture I captured of birds flying in the sky. 

Creating my own selected collage of photos instead of just purchasing a piece of artwork from the internet made my space a little bit more personal and adds a touch of "Jenny" to the space. 

With the headboard done, my dad just had to help me put some hooks in the wall for the artwork I had selected and we'd be on a roll!