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9 - 18 - 17

Miranda and I knew this Monday was going to be a killer: Rainy weather, overcast skies and a 5 hour studio class. So, we knew we needed to plan something to do on our break before class to keep our spirits high. What better "pick-me-up" than BEC! For anyone reading who isn't familiar, you stumbled upon the right place! BEC, which stands for "bacon, egg and cheese", a classic breakfast sandwich (and in my opinion is acceptable for ANY meal), is a small eatery on 148 8th avenue in New York City. 

I got the Junior BEC, because I wasn't starving and Miranda also got a Junior BEC but added a side of roasted potatoes. We both agreed that our meals were  d e l i c i o u s ! 

This trendy cafe is the perfect spot to grab a quick meal on the go or to sit down with a refreshing glass of orange juice and catch up with a friend! 

I can't wait to go back, hopefully on a sunny day, and try their Roadhouse Sandwich!

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